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2017 Submissions

Aprilhimlen - Våreld Miscellaneous Song

2016 Submissions

Fame Dance Song
Waiting Room Miscellaneous Loop
Rendezvous Miscellaneous Loop
A Place Called Home Miscellaneous Loop
Maripack - Slice of Life Preview Miscellaneous Song
On the 7th day he realised his mistake and ended it all General Rock Song
Teatime Dandies Miscellaneous Loop
Tap! - Epic Menu Video Game Song
Tap! - Xtreme In-Game Video Game Song
Grand Chase Video Game Song
Autumn Remains Solemn Classical Song
Modest Monday Miscellaneous Loop
Fingers Crossed Video Game Song
Tapstravaganza Video Game Song
The Crimson Waltz Classical Song
Bolt Out! - Preview Video Game Song
Banzai! Preview - Marifax Video Game Song
Wooden People - Marifax Classical Song
Liberation - Marifax Video Game Loop
Lotus Preview - Marifax Video Game Loop
Final Departure Preview Video Game Loop
Acheron - Marifax Video Game Loop
25th Hour - Marifax Video Game Loop
Mercury - Marifax Video Game Loop
Fatal Destiny - Marifax Video Game Loop
Flying Fortress - Marifax WIP Video Game Loop
Steam Engines - Marifax (WiP) Video Game Loop
Resistance (WIP) - Marifax Video Game Song
Clash! - Marifax Video Game Song
Arctic Barrier - Marifax Video Game Song
The Conflict - Marifax Video Game Song
March of Groove - Marifax Dance Song

2010 Submissions